Club Championships 7 September

Hi all

Exciting times!
It’s the club championships on 7 September, an opportunity to eat burgers, sausages, cake etc – oh yes, and to shoot some arrows and win medals.

The shoot is for the whole club, no matter whether you joined us this year or have been shooting forever.

There are categories for:
– novice (shooting less that a year)
– intermediate (less than 2 years)
– seniors
– juniors.
Details of the shoot are on the attached entry form.

The past few years we have had a really good turn out so let’s do the same this year.

Please complete and email the completed entry form to me, or leave up at the club, there will be an envelope for entries ( I’ll leave it there tomorrow and some entry forms).

Did I say medals? If I didn’t, there will be medals for each category – even longbow ๐Ÿ™‚ (Clive – I spotted you getting in some sneaky longbow practice last week).

I look forward to seeing the entries flooding in.

Shoot straight


Clophill club champs 2019.docx

Request for help

Hi all

Following on from the email below, this is a reminder that it is the County’s Fita Star (WA1440) this weekend at Redborne Upper School in Ampthill.
The shoot is being organised by Kestrels, but it is a County Shoot and we should all chip in and help if we are able.

You will see from Helen’s email below that help is required in setting up and taking down the field over the weekend, please let Helen know if you can help out. There are jobs to do during the weekend to make sure the shoot goes smoothly.

For those of you that are new to the sport and want a look at how a shoot run and to support some of your clubmates come along over the weekend. If you have binoculars, bring them and you might see some arrows hit a target face (the longest distance over the weekend is 90m) .

I’ll post on the WhatsApp group when the shoot is finishing on Sunday so you can come along and help!

One last thing – if anyone is shooting at our field over the weekend and have keys, please post on the WhatsApp group so that if any of our new members shooting club bows can come along.

As always

Shoot straight.


Reminder – Postal shoot tomorrow 1pm for 1.30pm

Hi allTomorrow is a Postal shoot.
The field is open to all Clophill members whether you are shooting the round or not.
The clubhouse will be open and club bows avaiable.

The Postal round is a short metric:

6 Dozen arrows
3 Dozen at 50m
3 Dozen at 30m
Shot in ends of 6
80cm target face

There are shorter rounds available eg 30m/20m

If you don’t want to shoot that round, try for a 252 badge or just come up to the field and shoot a few.

I’m not around for tomorrow but hope that many of you are and that you …..

Shoot straight.


252 (Tufty Club) – progress

Hi all

I will get this printed and posted up at the field – some people have some work to do!
For those that have not done a distance yet – there are badges available folks.
Score sheets are in the club house with the instructions (on the scoresheets).

Archer Bow Style 20 Yards Score 30 Yard Score 40 Yard Score 50 Yard Score 60 Yard Score 80 Yard Score 100 Yard Score
Michael Anderson Recurve 312 R 324 R 310 R 300 R 258 R 256 R
Mark Anstee Recurve 318 R 304 R 292 R 253 R 262 R
John Hardman Recurve 288 260 R
Jenny Berry Recurve 286 R 276 R 256R
Sarah Russel Recurve 324R 324 R 312R
Martin Blandy Recurve 254 R
Martin Blandy. Recurve 296 R 254R
Andy Ralphs Recurve 296 R 262R
Brian Pigram Recurve 284 R
Kelly Cripps Recurve 268 R
Matthew Barber Recurve 296 R
Tammy Cowley Recurve 268 R
Max Clarke Recurve 266 R
Archie Montague Recurve 254R
Alex Booth Recurve 254R
Ian Cairncross Recurve 322 R
Steve Ware Recurve 314R
Eleanor Ware Recurve 308R
Suzi Bredin Compound 320c 322 C 312C
Gary Herman. Compound 306 C 287 C 282 C
Roy Russell Compound 324 C 324 C 310C
Marion Sambridge Compound 320c 320c
Debbie Ralphs Compound 300 C 298 C
Martha Ware Compound 293 C 280 C
Henry Barrance Compound 318 C 294 C
Cathy Barrance Compound 316 C
Tom Course Compound 308 C
Paul Crane Compound 318 C
Dave Judge Barebow 294 BB 262 BB 203 BB 193 BB 193BB
David course Barebow 272 LB 272LB
Michael Anderson Barebow 229BB 195BB
Richard Roberts Longbow 248 LB 226 LB 174 LB
Daniel Hulatt Longbow 256 LB
Tom Barrance longbow 238 LB

Competitions and 252s – club entry for Kestrels Nationals (club will pay) – please read to the end

Dear all

We would like to encourage as many of you as possible to shoot competitively; whether at the club or externally.

Competitions are a way to improve your archery, meet new archers from around the county, the country and beyond. You can get to shoot alongside top ranked archers and those that have represented Great Britain on the international stage. This has to be unique to our sport!

252 Scheme

I hope you are all aware of the 252 scheme – the ideal way to start scoring.

You can shoot this at any time as long as there is someone else that can score and countersign your scoresheet.

If you reach the magic score of 252 (recurve) 280 (compound) at the particular distance, starting at 20 yards and up to 100 yards you get a badge – Huzzah!!

Scoresheets are in the club house – if in doubt ask someone that looks like they know what they’re doing.

Clophill Club Shoots – in the club calendar

These shoots are scoring rounds, there are rounds for all distances and abilities from 100 yards to 20 yards.

If you are shooting a club bow โ€“ the club house will be open on these days and you can grab a bow and shoot the round (or shoot for practice or 252 if you prefer).

External competition

The vast majority of shoots are “open” shoots โ€“ it means anyone can enter, you can find details of shoots here: or

Our club has an open competition in September:

ยท 21/22 September Fita 4 – WA70/50 round, the entry form is on our website

If you would like to give a competition a try ask one of the committee or one of the experienced archers and they should be able to help out โ€“ some of us will be shooting around the county and beyond during the summer.

Its always nice to go to your first competition when there is at least one friendly face there!

Kestrels Nationals โ€“ we’ll pay your entry fees!

Kestrels Archery club in Biggleswade ( runs a competition on 8 September; there are rounds to suit all:

100 yds 80 yds 60 yds 50 yds 40 yds 30 yds 20 yds
Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen
New National 4 2 โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“
Long National โ€“ 4 2 โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“
National โ€“ โ€“ 4 2 โ€“ โ€“ โ€“
Short National โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ 4 2 โ€“ โ€“
Junior National โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ 4 2 โ€“
Short Junior National โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ โ€“ 4 2

We would like to make this a Clophill Archery Club Outing. We would like to get as many Clophill archers entered as we can.

We have a competition for the Clophill archers.

We do this in memory of Mike K, a paralympic archer from our club that passed away 2 years ago.

To this end the club will pay your entry fees.

Lesley will be collating our entry (lesleypbrown63) and a list will be at the field ; no doubt she’ll be catching up with members at club night etc.

If you are a new archer, maybe set this as your goal for the outdoor season. Shoot our club shoots then be ready to shoot your first competitive round in September!


All the shoots, whether club shoots or external shoots count towards your outdoor classification.

You can be:

– 3rd class archer

– 2nd class archer

– 1st class archer

– Bowman

– Master Bowman

– Grand Master Bowman

More about this as the season progresses.

Club Calendar
Remember to link this to your own calendar – the shoots are all on there.

Also, keep an eye on the announcements page.

Social Media
WhatsApp – if you want to join the Group, please let me (John) know – either reply here with your mobile number or catch up at the field.

Shoot straight