Indoor shooting – an update

I have had a further response from the Alameda Middle School regarding the Alameda Sports Hall.

All hirers of the hall have been advised that:

A decision has been made to further delay a return to indoor lettings at Alameda and Alameda Sports Hall, until at least 26th October, (our half term 26th to 30th October). I am sure you all understand that Alameda’s current priorities lie with the safety, well-being and education, of our staff and pupils. We will review the position on lettings at the end of October, in light of our progress and the guidance prevailing at the time.

The committee has been reviewing the position, both with the availability of the hall and the restrictions placed on indoor shooting by AGB. Matters are moving quickly with the Government today announcing further restrictions and we would expect that AGB will be forced to consider their guidance as a result.

We will continue to monitor the position and consider whether there might be an opportunity for indoor shooting towards the end of this year, or in the beginning of next year.

If any of the club members know of anywhere we could shoot indoors in the short term, please let us know.

At present there is little else we can do as a club regarding indoor shooting. We are extremely lucky to have the field and we can all shoot ( to different degrees of accuracy). As the nights draw in it may place more stress on the booking slots over the weekends so we ask that you only book if you know you’re going to shoot, rather than book a slot and cancel at short notice (there will be unavoidable cancellations at short notice, but please be considerate to your fellow archers).

Dave M is entering the club into a Frostbite Postal league and we can continue with the current ladder – again if anyone would like to suggest anything different then please let us know.

I’ll continue to keep you updated.

Shoot straight