Field is open from 29 March – info and news on the Spring Ladder

Hi all

We’re counting down the days to Monday and we can get out to shoot at the field.

It is important that we follow the guidelines that are put in place by AGB and ultimately UK Government; the ability to shoot as an organised sport is a concession and we don’t want that concession to be withdrawn.

So… if you want to shoot:

  1. Book your slot on the club website If you have forgotten how to do this please let me know and I can provide a refresher.
  2. If you look at the booking system and just decide to head to the field as it is empty, please book the slot
  3. Face coverings are not required while outside on the field
  4. Use the sanitizer in the small brown shed if moving bosses
  5. The club house is to remain closed, unless there is a first aid emergency or equipment is needed – then if in the clubhouse please wear a face covering
  6. At the moment, it is one archer per boss or a family group/bubble (this may change so watch this space)
  7. We need a discussion with the Village Hall re toilets, so at this time they remain out of bounds

Spring Ladder

The ladder is up and running again, the same format as last year.
If you entered last year your details have been copied across to the new spring ladder, including your closing handicap.
You will notice that the ladder has been inverted!
All names are currently greyed out and you will need to click the join this ladder button.
The ladder is in the same place on the website as lat year, ie go to the field booking page and click "competitions"
Format is the same:

  • 80cm target face
  • 30m
  • 36 arrows
  • shot in a "set" system, one set is 6 arrows and the handicap applied to each set. 2 points for a set win.
  • you don’t need to worry about the handicaps etc, all you need to do is challenge your opponent, when the challenge is accepted shoot your round of 36 arrows, enter your scores into the handy scoring matrix and the ladder does the rest.
  • if you need refresher of the rules and can’t find it in your archived emails please let me know.

The ladder worked well last year and kept some good interest going, please let’s do the same this year.

Hope to see you at the field.

Shoot straight