Field is closed during the latest lockdown

Dear all

While we haven’t heard directly from AGB yet the Government guidance is specific – Archery Ranges will be closed during the lockdown announced last night.

It’s time to get out those stretchy bands and pick up your bow for those lovely bow drills, keep up that bow strength for the time when we can all get out again and shoot.

For those of you looking for archery related content, there is plenty on YouTube – either to watch the pros and see how its done, or form and practice tips (I thoroughly recommend

We will seek to keep you updated of any changes either here or on the WhatsApp group. If there is anyone out there not on the WhatsApp group and would like to be, please reply with your number and I will add you.

Please do not use the field until further notice.

I normally sign these off with "shoot straight" but that doesn’t seem appropriate today.