Xmas Celebrations

Dear Club Members,
Due the ongoing pandemic, and the current rising numbers,  again we will not be celebrating the festive season with our annual Christmas meal or indoor fun shoot. I know many of you look forward to winning the fabulously expensive prizes on the tombola!
However, we do plan having a Christmas BBQ after shooting the Frostbite on 12th December. 
All club members are invited to join us for both the Frostbite and BBQ, it’s not compulsory, but what is  compulsory, is decorating your bow, wearing a Christmas jumper and/or hat and having fun! Maybe even some Carol singing. 
There will be a selection of tasty festive BBQ food and a mulled wine or two. There is also the option of retiring to the Stone Jug for a further Winter warmer. 
Just so we have an idea of numbers for catering could you please let me (Lesley,  lesleypbrown63@gmail.com) know if you are able celebrate with us. 

Club champs 4 Sept

Exciting times!
It’s the club championships on 4 September, an opportunity to eat burgers, sausages, cake etc – oh yes, and to shoot some arrows and win medals.

The shoot is for the whole club, no matter whether you joined us this year or have been shooting forever. If you don’t want to shoot, come along anyway for the BBQ and a chat

There are categories for:
– novice (shooting less that a year)
– intermediate (less than 2 years)
– seniors
– juniors.
Details of the shoot are on the attached entry form.

The past few years we have had a really good turn out so let’s do the same this year.

Please complete and email the completed entry form to me (reply to this email or send to johnh159).

Did I say medals? If I didn’t, there will be medals for each category – even longbow.

I look forward to seeing the entries flooding in.

Shoot straight


Clophill club champs 2021.docx

Target day 3 July

Hi all

It’s another target day this coming Saturday.
A longer round this time so 1pm set-up for 1.15 start.

We are shooting Western Rounds:

4 dozen shot at 2 distances (so an 8 dozen round) all on a big 122cm target face.
Imperial round so 5 zone scoring,
yellow = 9
red = 7
blue = 5
black = 3
white = 1

Distances/rounds are:
New Western 100 yards & 80 yards
Long Western 80 yards &60 yards
Western 60 yards & 50 yards
Short Western 50 yards & 40 yards
Junior Western 40 yards & 30 yards
Junior Short Western 30 yards and 20 yards

The shoot will count towards your classifications (3rd class, 2nd class, 1st class & bowman) – a shiny badge will be available at the end of the season for those that are successful.

Please let me know by close on Thursday whether you are shooting.

Shoot straight


Club nights restarting

Hi all

We are reinstating club nights starting next Tuesday (22 June).
Club nights will run on Tuesday and Thursday’s from 5.30pm until dusk.
You will not need to book a lane.
I suggest we use the WhatsApp group, if you are attending please let your fellow members know by noting on the group chat.

For those concerned about the Covid restrictions the AGB guidance on shooting at a range is:

In England, there is no limits (on numbers) on sport, therefore there is not a maximum number of archers shooting as long as social distancing and the guidance is adhered to. This means your maximum number is decided by the facility size and safety.

We can shoot two to a boss, pulling own arrows and keeping socially distanced. As we are outside the wearing of masks is not compulsory, but if you feel happier to do so, then please do.

We are (normally) a sensible bunch; please use common sense.


Next target day is 5th June

Hi all

The email iis earlier than normal as I’m away over the coming weekend until the middle of next week.

On 5th June from 1.30pm we will be shooting Long Metric Rounds

A Long Metric is:

  • 72 arrows (6 Dozen)
  • Shot in ends on 6 arrows
  • 122cm face (the big one)
  • 3 dozen at your long distance
  • 3 dozen at your short distance

Distances – there are a number of different distances; you do not need to shoot 90m.

The rounds (distances) are:

  • Long Metric Gents 90 metres & 70 metres
  • Long Metric 1 (also ladies & masters) 70m & 60 m
  • Long Metric 2 60m & 50m
  • Long Metric 3 50m & 40m
  • Long Metric 4 40m & 30m
  • Long Metric 5 30m & 20m

Please let me know by Thursday 3 June if you intend to shoot.

It’s a fun and friendly way to start shooting scoring rounds, there are Classifications available (3rd class, 2nd class, 1st class & Bowman) – you’ll need 3 qualifying scores over the summer to get a classification and a shiny badge for your quiver.

Get plenty of practice over the next week and I look forward to seeing you on 5th June.

Shoot straight


Target day 22 May 2021

Hi all

There is another target day this Saturday, 1.30pm for 1.45 start.

This week we are shooting an American Round.

The round is shot on the big 122cm target face and the details are:

2.5 dozen 60 yards
2.5 dozen 50 yards
2.5 dozen 40 yards

90 arrows in total

It is 5 zone scoring,
gold = 9,
red = 7,
blue = 5,
black = 3,
white = 1 &
green = 0

Please let me know by close of Thursday if you are planning on shooting.

Shoot straight



Hi all

Under the current Covid rules we are able to have coaching sessions at the field.

Brian has offered to arrange a couple of sessions two or three weeks apart if people are interested. First thoughts are to do this early evenings to take advantage of the improving evenings. This is not set in stone and daytimes may be arranged if there is any demand.

Please reply to this email if this is something that may be of interest.
Are there particular subjects that you would want to cover?

If there is some interest I’ll speak to Brain and we’ll sort out some details.



Club Target Days

The rounds will be shot on Saturday afternoons between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.

The scores on these days will be eligible scores for your Outdoor Classifications, 3rd Class, 2nd Class, 1st class and Bowman.

The proposed rounds are:

Club shoots
Sat 08 May 2021 National rounds
Sat 22 May 2021 American
Sat 05 June 2021 Long Metrics
Sat 19 June 2021 WA 900
Sat 03 July 2021 Western Rounds
Sat 17 July 2021 St George/Albion/Windsor
Sat 07 August 2021 Half WA
Sat 21 August 2021 Long Metric
Sat 04 September 2021 Short Metric/Club champs??
Sat 18 September 2021 WA70/50

I attach details of the rounds, distances, number of arrows etc.

I hope you can come out to play over the summer.

Look forward to seeing you.

Shoot straight


Archery rounds.pdf

Field is open from 29 March – info and news on the Spring Ladder

Hi all

We’re counting down the days to Monday and we can get out to shoot at the field.

It is important that we follow the guidelines that are put in place by AGB and ultimately UK Government; the ability to shoot as an organised sport is a concession and we don’t want that concession to be withdrawn.

So… if you want to shoot:

  1. Book your slot on the club website https://member.clophillac.co.uk/?login. If you have forgotten how to do this please let me know and I can provide a refresher.
  2. If you look at the booking system and just decide to head to the field as it is empty, please book the slot
  3. Face coverings are not required while outside on the field
  4. Use the sanitizer in the small brown shed if moving bosses
  5. The club house is to remain closed, unless there is a first aid emergency or equipment is needed – then if in the clubhouse please wear a face covering
  6. At the moment, it is one archer per boss or a family group/bubble (this may change so watch this space)
  7. We need a discussion with the Village Hall re toilets, so at this time they remain out of bounds

Spring Ladder

The ladder is up and running again, the same format as last year.
If you entered last year your details have been copied across to the new spring ladder, including your closing handicap.
You will notice that the ladder has been inverted!
All names are currently greyed out and you will need to click the join this ladder button.
The ladder is in the same place on the website as lat year, ie go to the field booking page and click "competitions"
Format is the same:

  • 80cm target face
  • 30m
  • 36 arrows
  • shot in a "set" system, one set is 6 arrows and the handicap applied to each set. 2 points for a set win.
  • you don’t need to worry about the handicaps etc, all you need to do is challenge your opponent, when the challenge is accepted shoot your round of 36 arrows, enter your scores into the handy scoring matrix and the ladder does the rest.
  • if you need refresher of the rules and can’t find it in your archived emails please let me know.

The ladder worked well last year and kept some good interest going, please let’s do the same this year.

Hope to see you at the field.

Shoot straight