Update – where we are as a club including a comment on INDOOR shooting

Morning all,

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t sent one of these round for a while …. so, what’s been happening?

1. The field remains open

The field has been getting some good use during the summer, the booking system has worked wonderfully (Sarah – thank you).
If you have not used the field and the booking system has passed you by, please drop me a line and I’ll resend the information.

There is plenty of hand sanitiser at the field. If new faces are required, again let one of the committee know or reply here.

We haven’t updated our guidance for field use to the most recent AGB guidance and we have more space between bosses than we strictly need – the decision was taken to keep matters as they are as it was working well. The field is getting some good use but it is unusual for a session to be full. If anyone has a different experience and you are not able to shoot when you want to we can have a re-think – please let me know.

2. The Clophill outdoor ladder

For those of you that have wanted to pit your skills against other club members the ladder has been a great success. It is open to all and has a handicap system so that you can shoot against all bow types and experience. We have 27 archers on the ladder, if you would like to join and can’t find the relevant information please drop me a line. Again, thanks to Sarah for her online wizardry that has made the ladder so friendly to use.

We understand that it is not perfect, but it has been great to get the club shooting and has pulled the club together in these difficult times. Thanks Rob K for coming up with the original idea and all the instructions etc and generally driving it forward.

3. How can we make it better?

If anyone out there has any ideas to make our club even better – please let us know.

4. Indoor season

I know this is something that many of you have been thinking about, unfortunately I have no news on this score yet.

We hire the hall from the Alameda Middle School. When the school summer term broke up in July there was much uncertainty regarding how and if they would make the hall available for outside groups. The school should be back this week and I will be contacting Sara (the booking person at the school) to find out where they stand.

Assuming we can get back into the hall we (as a committee) need to consider all the AGB guidance on shooting indoors. While there is some guidance it is patchy and we are hoping for more clarification. We will then need to consider how best to adapt and implement the guidance. It is likely that we will need to limit numbers in the hall at any one time and a booking system will be likely.

As soon as we have any update I will let you know.

In the meantime – the field is open for use 24/7 (subject to booking and daylight).

5. Club finances

We have been unable to run beginners courses or run the two outdoor tournaments. Other than subs these are our main/only sources of income. The good news is that the club has reserves and the bank account remains healthy. Fingers crossed for the next outdoor season so we can run both beginners courses and the tournaments.

The club is fortunate to be in the current position, we are solvent and we can shoot!

6. Communications

The WhatsApp remains up and running and the ladder group has been particularly busy. If you are not in the group and would like to jpoin, please let me know and provde a mobile phone number.

If you have comments you can private message (if you don’t want to share with all) any of the committee on the WhatsApp group or email here – the inbox is monitored and we will answer you.

7. Renewasl and subs

You will have seen Debbie’s email regarding renewing membership of the Club. I hope most of you will carry on shooting with us, if you are not renewing, thank you for supporting the club over the last 12 months and you are more than welcome to come back in the future.

Please renew your membership as soon as possible, I need to send the rejoining list to AGB for the start of the new season on 1 October and it takes a bit of time and effort to collate – your cooperation on this is appreciated. If you are not renewing, please drop a line to let us know so we can keep tabs on the renewal process.

8, Club equipement (bow loans)

You will have seen the email/whatsapp message from Martin regarding returning/keeping hold of the equipment. If you have not seen the messages please let me know by replying here and I’ll put you in touch with Martin.

9. Any other business

If there is anything you want to know, or suggestions for the club going forward please let us know.
If there is anything I’ve forgotten, then I apologise and I will follow up as necessary.

Watch this space for updates on the indoor season.

As always, shoot straight.