A few words to try and explain how it works.

Points are awarded at each club competition, including postals and friendlies, starting on the 1st January, and the Grand Prix champion (the archer with the greatest accumulated points) being crowned at the Christmas fun shoot.

How do I get points? Each competition is shot as normal, winners losers teams decided as normal. Then the handicap-adjusted scores will be calculated, and the winner using these scores awarded 10 Grand Prix points, 2nd 8 3rd 5 etc. with all participants being awarded at least 1 point.

What’s a handicap-adjusted score? Firstly what’s a handicap? For all rounds there is a table of handicaps, with a handicap of 100 for hitting the face atleast once and 0 for the perfect score, using the HC one can compare two scores from two different rounds. When an archer has shot their first 3 rounds a running HC can be calculated, being the average of these 3 rounds. From then on if you score a round with a better HC you average this with your running HC to get a new handicap.

That’s the HC, so what’s a handicap-adjusted score? There are another series of tables that give adjustments depending on running HC and round, this adjustment is added to your score. This way a group of archers of varying standards of shooting and equipment (compound and recurve) can compete.

Any questions just ask.