Fun shoot

The second of our club Fun Shoots is to be held on Saturday 28th July.🏹

All members, old and very new, are invited to come and try your luck at shooting at unconventional target faces to win prizes 🎁 and fame.

There is no need to panic, not all targets require any degree of skill or accuracy, so come along and get chance to meet fellow club members, have a chat and a laugh 😀 and enjoy a burger, 🍔 sausage 🌭 or two!!
The BBQ wil ready at 12 midday and shooting will begin when we are sufficiently refreshed, about 1pm. Food and drink to be provided by the club.

Clophill success as the BCAA/SCAS Fita Star at the weekend

This weekend saw the Beds/SCAS Fita Star.

Double and single WA1440 rounds were shot at Redbourne School in Ampthill. Clophill had a contingent of archers shooting and came away with a haul of medals.

Congratulations to:

Double rounds:
Senior Ladies Recurve Sarah Russell Silver
Senior Gents Recurve John Hardman Bronze
Senior Ladies Compound Lesley Brown Gold
Senior Ladies Compound Suzi Bredin Silver
Junior ladies recurve Eleanor Ware Gold
Single rounds
Senior Gents Compound Terry Course Gold
Masters Gents Compound Terry Course Gold
Masters Gents Recurve Michael Anderson Gold
Senior recurve Sarah/John Gold
Senior compound Suzi/Lesley Gold
Combined team Suzi/Lesley/Sarah/John Gold

A few honorary mentions

Roy for being chief supporter and father of the Birthday girl (Sarah).

Steve, shot on the Saturday, supporter and field party on the Sunday – brought fizzy to celebrate the birthday!

Martha, for having the right raffle ticket to walk away with a gnome.

Paul, shot a PB, would have got a medal if he could see straight – managed to put a 9 on the wrong target face at 90m.

Steve suggested adding a photo – not sure if we’re ready for that, or whether by technical skills can facilitate adding it!

Well done to all – lets have a similar performance at the Kestrel’s Nationals in September.

Clophill AC is 50 years old!

Some of the more eagle eyed among you might have noticed that the club was founded in 1968 and is 50 years old this year … so


We will celebrate this occasion at the Outdoor Club Championships on 1 September 2018.

As is tradition, the Club Champs will kick off with a BBQ from 12 noon, we might run to a 50th Anniversary Cake as well as the normal goodies. The club championships are open to all, whether you have been shooting for a few months or many many years. Medals available to win for all categories whether novice, intermediate or seniors.

More details of the day will come out nearer the time but please keep the date in your diaries, it would be great to celebrate the club’s achievement with as many of you as possible.

Club Long Metric

Thanks John failed to spot that.dave

On Sun, 8 Jul 2018 at 19:12, Clophill Archery Club <website> wrote:

Dave Andy and Sarah were shooting a Long Metric 1 (70m and 60m) rather than a long metric (90m and 70m)


On Sun, 8 Jul 2018, 19:03 D Marks, <djm953> wrote:


Intermediate session on Sunday from 1:30pm

Please come along if you feel you might benefit form the session
Please come along if you can share your experience and insight

Please let me know if you’re coming so I have an idea of numbers etc (thank you to those that have already responded)

For those of you that have expressed an interest in coming along on Sunday (and those that haven’t but quite fancy it) I list below the questions/subjects that have puzzled you or that you need some advice on:

1. Buying a bow

a. Where, what to consider

2. The bow itself

a. Tiller

b. Brace height

c. String and string twists

d. Knocking point

e. Plunger/button

f. Sight adjustments

3. Arrows

a. How does the wind affect the arrow?

b. Arrow spines and arrow charts

c. Fletching and general maintenance (Terry will show you how)

4. Competition

a. Terminology/ types and how to get invloved

There is plenty there to talk about and we’ll do our best to cover the topics and anything else that arises. Quite often there will be a difference of opinion on many of these topics, as seems to be the way of archery there are at least 3 answers/opinions for each question raised. All we can do is pass on our own experience and point you in (hopefully) the right direction.

Of course we’ll want to shoot a few too and whilst its not a coaching session there should be the opportunity to discuss form issues!

This is the first of these that we’ve run so please bear with us. It should be informative but as always it should be fun as well.

For our experienced archers – please come along and help, its not a coaching session and your experience is invaluable for those that are starting out.



Club shoot on Saturday

Hi allFor those of you that can’t bear the excruciating experience of watching England in the World Cup (it was tense last night but I can’t say there was much enjoyment until Eric Dier slotted the last pen) there is a shoot on Saturday afternoon.

We’ll be shooting Long Metric rounds, so 6 dozen arrows, 3 dozen at the longest distance and 3 dozen at the shortest distance:

Long Metric 90m & 70m

Long Metric 1 70m & 60m

Long Metric 2 60m & 50m

Long Metric 3 50m & 40m

Long Metric 4 40m & 30m

Long Metric 5 30m & 20m

All shot at the big (122cm face).

This is an opportunity to add to your classification scores (Bowman, 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class).

It’s a 1pm for 1:30pm start so you’ll even be home in plenty of time for the next penalty shoot out (in relaity – probably home for the second half).

Hope to see you there, England shirts recommended but not obligatory.