Winter Coaching Opourtunity

For those looking to develop their shooting during the winter months, the coaching group have planned a series of coaching sessions throughout the winter.

This is open to archers from any Bedfordshire club and will be held at;

Alameda Sports Hall,

Woburn Street,



MK45 2PJ

Individual coaching will be given and in addition, each session will have a theme

Date Session What will be covered Time
6/10/2018 Session 1: “Being Real” · Goal setting

· Time available vs speed of improvement.

9:30 am to 12noon
3/11/2018 Session 2: “Training to win” · Bow drills

· S&C exercises

8/12/2018 Session 3: “When do I start” · Competition Prep

· Season planning

5/1/2019 Session 4: “Between the ears” · Mental approach
16/2/2019 Session 5: “The right stuff” · Equipment review

· Arrow selection

9/3/2019 Session 6: “Pressure Cooker” · Head to Head experience

The total cost for all 6 sessions is £50. If you would like to attend please reply to helen by Sunday 23rd September.

A couple of dates for your diary

Hi all

22/23 September Fita 4
The club is running the second of our open shoots over the weekend of 22/23 September and the field will not be available.
The shoot attracts archers from throughout the Country and is vital for the club in terms of finances.

The two shoots we put on, in April and September, pay for our indoor shooting at the Alameda Hall, without these shoots we would need to have shooting fees for the indoor season or or a significant increase in subs. These shoots can only run with help from the members.

If you are able to lend a hand either setting up on the Friday before the weekend or over the weekend itself,please speak to Marc Dodge, the Tournament Organiser .

Further details to follow nearer the time.

29 September – Field Party and move indoors
The outdoor season is drawing to a close, this will be welcomed by some (Matthew, Roy!) and dark days (literally) for others.

The field party will be on the morning of 29 September (normally from 10am).

The field will get its normal tidy up and Andy, our field officer, will be sorting out any other jobs that need doing (details will follow nearer the time). We will also be sorting out the equipment ready to bring to the Alameda ready to shoot in the afternoon.

That’s right – Saturday 29 September is our first indoor session! For those with short memories, and for those that joined this year we shoot Saturdays (14:30 to 16:30) and Wednesdays (19:30 to 21:30) during those cold winter months. We shoot here – it says its the Badminton Club, but its where we shoot, not necessary at the Badminton players!

Club Shoot on Saturday 8 September

Dear all

This Saturday is the last outdoor club shoot of the season.
We’re shooting National Rounds.
For those that are shooting at Kestrels on Sunday its an opportunity to check those sight marks.
For those not shooting Sunday its the last opportunity (at Clophill) to get those scores for the outdoor classifications.

National Rounds:
Imperial round, so shot in yards and 5 zone scoring ie
Gold = 9
Red = 7
Blue = 5
Black = 3
White = 1

6 Dozen arrows shot in ends of 6.
4 Dozen at the longest distance and 2 dozen at your shorter distance.

Rounds are:
New National 100 yards and 80 yards
Long National 80 yards and 60 Yards
National 60 yards and 50 yards
Short national 50 yards 40 yards
Junior national 40 yards and 30 yards
Short Junior national 30 yards and 20 yards

As always its a 1pm to set up and start shooting at 1:30pm

If you don’t fancy shooting the round, the field and club house are open so come along and ping a few.

Club Championships – 1 September

Dear all

This is a reminder that the Clophill Club Champs and 50th anniversary celebration is on 1 September 2018 – a week tomorrow!

Please come and shoot if you are available, it is open to all from those new members that joined this year to those to the old lags who have been around for ages.
The details are on my email of 1 August, copied to this email and on the attachments.

Please let me know if you are shooting by completing the entry form, you can indicate there whether you are shooting as a novice, intermediate, junior or senior. There are also forms in the club-house.

I look forward to seeing you all on 1 September.


50th Anniversary.docx
Clophill club champs 2018.docx