Next target day is 5th June

Hi all

The email iis earlier than normal as I’m away over the coming weekend until the middle of next week.

On 5th June from 1.30pm we will be shooting Long Metric Rounds

A Long Metric is:

  • 72 arrows (6 Dozen)
  • Shot in ends on 6 arrows
  • 122cm face (the big one)
  • 3 dozen at your long distance
  • 3 dozen at your short distance

Distances – there are a number of different distances; you do not need to shoot 90m.

The rounds (distances) are:

  • Long Metric Gents 90 metres & 70 metres
  • Long Metric 1 (also ladies & masters) 70m & 60 m
  • Long Metric 2 60m & 50m
  • Long Metric 3 50m & 40m
  • Long Metric 4 40m & 30m
  • Long Metric 5 30m & 20m

Please let me know by Thursday 3 June if you intend to shoot.

It’s a fun and friendly way to start shooting scoring rounds, there are Classifications available (3rd class, 2nd class, 1st class & Bowman) – you’ll need 3 qualifying scores over the summer to get a classification and a shiny badge for your quiver.

Get plenty of practice over the next week and I look forward to seeing you on 5th June.

Shoot straight