Junior League

Postal League
Juniors have their own exclusive Postal!
As well as the Junior Recurve team in the normal postal we have managed to enter a Recurev and a Compund team in the Perris Junior Indoor Postal League.

The round is shot over 30 arrows ie. half a Portsmouth. The first 30 arrow score of a full portsmouth can be used as entry for this postal.
The 30 arrows can be scored at any time during the month and as many times as you want and the highest score submitted.
This league starts in October, not November as the ‘normal’ So you need to get scoring NOW.

Juniors what to do.
Help yourself to a scoresheet and board from the bag, get someone to help you score, dont forget you should not write down you own scores. Shoot your 30 arrows.
Sign and get the scorer to sign our scoresheet and put it in the folder behind the noticeboard.
Then do it again at another indoor session and see if you can improve on it.

What I will do is at the end of the last session of each month remove the sheets create a team of three from the best scores and submit them to the league. I will also take into account the first 30 arrows of any portsmouth that you shoot during that month. I will have scores from the ‘normal’ postals and any shot at clophill, but if you shoot a portsmouth any where else, let me have the score before the end of the month.


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