Bow loans and field party

Dear All

On Saturday 28th September at 10.00 am we will be having our normal tidy up at the field and put everything away for winter.
It is expected that all members will be there to lend a hand to complete the tasks on the attached list. Please bring forks, spades, shovel, rakes etc if possible. The indoor stands and bosses will be loaded onto a trailer for transportation down to the Alameda sports hall in Ampthill, the rest of the equipment into members cars for our first indoor session starting at 2.30 that afternoon.

Further to this, Andy, our field officer, is trying to organise a small group of people to share the mowing during the next outdoor season. If you are willing to help, please send him an email on ARalphs.
The plan for next season is for Andy to send an email to the people who have volunteered, with the intention of one or possibly two of them offering to mow during the following couple of weeks.
The best time for mowing is during the work-day, when the field is less used. But not necessarily limited to that.
We will get the mower out for an end of season clean at the Autumn field party and if anybody is interested, a quick spin round to give them an idea of how it all works.

To all those members who will require to borrow a bow for the winter indoor season. This will take place during the field party on the 28th September. A separate reminder will be distributed at the beginning of next week.

The procedure we have in place, is to borrow the bow you have been using upon the payment of a £60 refundable deposit. All the items included with the bow will be logged down on a form for this purpose. The club will keep one form and you will be given a duplicate. Upon returning the complete set of equipment in good order the deposit will be returned. Any damaged or lost items will be charged for and the deposit refund reduced by that amount.
If you have any questions about any of the above, please see Andy re the mowing and myself for the equipment loan.

Hope to see you all there at the field on the 28th from 10 am

Regards Terry

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