Indoor Classification

Hello Everybody,

With the indoor season truly over I have calculated your indoor classifications.

Here you are, if you would like to claim a badge let us know and I will order and get them to you when normality returns.

Stay safe and well, and dont put too many holes in the garage wall. Beware where you stand if the top limb hits a beam it comes back and smacks you on the nose! How do I know?

D Michael Anderson

D Mark Anstee

C Cathy Barrance

E Henry Barrance

G Tom Barrance {LB}

D Jenni Berry

B Suzi Bredin

A Lesley Brown

E Ian Cairncross

B Terry Course

C Paul Crane

D Dawn Fowler

A Jonathan Goodman

D John Hardman

D Gary Herman

C Lucy Holderness

C Matthew Howard

C Paul Hyde

D Dave Judge {BB}

D Robert Kennedy

D Steve Lampard

C Radovan Ptasinsky

E Mary Rawlins

F Trevor Rhodes

G Clive Ridgway {LB}

E Richard Roberts {BB}

C Roy Russell

B Sarah Russell

C Marion Sambridge

D Eleanor Ware

D Steve Ware



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