Request for help

Hi all

Following on from the email below, this is a reminder that it is the County’s Fita Star (WA1440) this weekend at Redborne Upper School in Ampthill.
The shoot is being organised by Kestrels, but it is a County Shoot and we should all chip in and help if we are able.

You will see from Helen’s email below that help is required in setting up and taking down the field over the weekend, please let Helen know if you can help out. There are jobs to do during the weekend to make sure the shoot goes smoothly.

For those of you that are new to the sport and want a look at how a shoot run and to support some of your clubmates come along over the weekend. If you have binoculars, bring them and you might see some arrows hit a target face (the longest distance over the weekend is 90m) .

I’ll post on the WhatsApp group when the shoot is finishing on Sunday so you can come along and help!

One last thing – if anyone is shooting at our field over the weekend and have keys, please post on the WhatsApp group so that if any of our new members shooting club bows can come along.

As always

Shoot straight.


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