252 (Tufty Club) – progress

Hi all

I will get this printed and posted up at the field – some people have some work to do!
For those that have not done a distance yet – there are badges available folks.
Score sheets are in the club house with the instructions (on the scoresheets).

Archer Bow Style 20 Yards Score 30 Yard Score 40 Yard Score 50 Yard Score 60 Yard Score 80 Yard Score 100 Yard Score
Michael Anderson Recurve 312 R 324 R 310 R 300 R 258 R 256 R
Mark Anstee Recurve 318 R 304 R 292 R 253 R 262 R
John Hardman Recurve 288 260 R
Jenny Berry Recurve 286 R 276 R 256R
Sarah Russel Recurve 324R 324 R 312R
Martin Blandy Recurve 254 R
Martin Blandy. Recurve 296 R 254R
Andy Ralphs Recurve 296 R 262R
Brian Pigram Recurve 284 R
Kelly Cripps Recurve 268 R
Matthew Barber Recurve 296 R
Tammy Cowley Recurve 268 R
Max Clarke Recurve 266 R
Archie Montague Recurve 254R
Alex Booth Recurve 254R
Ian Cairncross Recurve 322 R
Steve Ware Recurve 314R
Eleanor Ware Recurve 308R
Suzi Bredin Compound 320c 322 C 312C
Gary Herman. Compound 306 C 287 C 282 C
Roy Russell Compound 324 C 324 C 310C
Marion Sambridge Compound 320c 320c
Debbie Ralphs Compound 300 C 298 C
Martha Ware Compound 293 C 280 C
Henry Barrance Compound 318 C 294 C
Cathy Barrance Compound 316 C
Tom Course Compound 308 C
Paul Crane Compound 318 C
Dave Judge Barebow 294 BB 262 BB 203 BB 193 BB 193BB
David course Barebow 272 LB 272LB
Michael Anderson Barebow 229BB 195BB
Richard Roberts Longbow 248 LB 226 LB 174 LB
Daniel Hulatt Longbow 256 LB
Tom Barrance longbow 238 LB

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