Spring Fita 4 – a thank you

Good afternoon,

Last weekend’s FITA4 competition was another success, notably this time for the two new national records that were set — by Domagoj Buden (WA50 Senior Gent Compound, who scored 712 out of 720) and Adam Carpenter (WA50 Junior Gent Compound, 699 out of 720), although Domagoj declined to claim the UK record, instead claiming the Croation one.

It wouldn’t be possible to put on these competitions without club members’ help. I’d therefore like to thank those of you who gave up your time, whether you were onsite or at home cooking, and whether you were there for a few hours or several days:

On Friday: Terry, Ian H., Dawn, Suzi, John, Ian C., Lesley, Mary and Chris;

On Saturday: Terry, Lesley, Dave M., Fred, Becky, Romilly, Marion, Debbie, Clive, Steve, Suzi, and John;

And on Sunday: Terry, Dave M., Lesley, Debbie, Andy, Clive, Paul C., John, Dave J., Mark, Rad, Roy, Sarah, Gary, Steve, Suzi, Richard, and Paul H.

My apologies to anyone I’ve missed!

To anyone who wasn’t able to be there last weekend, may I remind you that there’s another Clophill FITA4 competition on September 21st and 22nd and we will need some help setting it all up on Friday 20th and taking it down on the 22nd. Any time you can give over the weekend itself will be greatly appreciated, too, even if it’s only a couple of hours. If you’d also like to compete in the F4, entries are open now and you can email clophillcomps for an entry form or look on our website.



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