Several regulations apply to scoring arrows which can be found in the GNAS Rules of Shooting.

Each colour on the target has an inner and outer ring and the basic rules in scoring are as follows

  1. The scoring points for hits on the target face for GNAS rounds (yards) are:

Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1

  1. The scoring points for hits on the target face for metric rounds are:

Inner Gold = 10, Outer Gold = 9, Inner Red = 8, Outer Red = 7, Inner Blue = 6, Outer Blue = 5, Inner Black = 4, Outer Black = 3, Inner White = 2, Outer White = 1

In some competitions compound archers are required to shoot at an even smaller inner 10 ring.

  1. No arrows should be touched or pulled from the target until all scores have been recorded, and no alterations shall be made on a score sheet to the value of any arrows without the supervision of a judge presiding at the tournament.
  2. Scores must always be recorded in ink.

Non-compliance with these rules can lead to disqualification of the archer.

Whilst calling scores, the archer does so in groups of three, starting with the highest scoring arrow e.g. ‘9-7-5’ pause ‘5-3-1’.

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