This is a glossary of terms used by archers to describe the flight of the arrow and shooting styles.

Arrows Flight and Hit

Bouncer – An arrow that bounces out of the target.

Hanger – An arrow that does not properly penetrate the boss and hangs down held by the face. These can fall out as other arrows hit the boss.

Fishtailing – Erratic arrow flight with the back of the arrow swinging from side to side. Normally caused by incorrect arrow spine or plucking of the string.

Porpoising – Erratic arrow flight with the back of the arrow moving up and down (like the motion of a porpoise swimming). Can be caused by incorrect nocking point.

Shooting Style Terms

Anchor – Position of the hand on the face when at full draw. Consistent positioning of the anchor is critical for accurate shooting.

Cant – Leaning the bow over when shooting.

Creep – Reduction of draw length from full draw before loosing.

Dry Loose – Loosing the string with no arrow on it. This can break bows.

Follow Through – Keeping the correct stance after loosing.

Forward Loose – Loosing the arrow before full draw. Collapsing the draw length on loose so that the drawing hand moves towards the target.

Loose – Release the string causing the arrow to fly (hopefully) towards the target.

Over bowed – Said of an archer attempting to draw a bow which is too heavy.

Overdraw – Pull a bow beyond its designed draw length.

Pinching – Trapping the nock end of the arrow between the fingers. Can pull the arrow off the rest.

Plucking – Loosing the arrow with a sideways hand movement that causes the arrow to fly erratically.

Slashing – Plucking the arrow backwards during the loose. This can give extra range (longer draw length) in clout or flight archery but can seriously effect accuracy.

Throw One’s Arm – Sideways movement of the bow arm on loosing, causing the arrow to deviate.