Target day …

Who fancies shooting a scoring round, potentially this Saturday afternoon depending on numbers etc.

I suggest the first round be a Long Metric Round.

That’s a 6 dozen round shot in ends of 6.
3 dozen at a longer distance and 3 dozen at a shorter distance.
All shot on a large 122cm face.

Distances are:
Long Metric 90m & 70m
Long Metric 1 70m & 60m
Long Metric 2 60m & 50m
Long Metric 3 50m & 40m
Long Metric 4 40m & 30m
Long Metric 5 30m & 20m

It can be the start of your opportunity to get classifications, up to 1st class depending on the round you shoot.

For more on classification please refer to :

Please let me know if this is of interest and I can gauge numbers and see how we can properly use the field to fit in those that want to shoot.