Development sessions 8, 15 & 22 May

Dear allFollowing the beginners course last weekend the club will be running three development sessions on a Wednesday evening:
– 8 May
– 15 May
– 22 May
The sessions will run from approx 5.30pm, or as soon as the newbies can make it.

The sessions are predominantly for the new joiners to the club and are a follow up from the beginners course. It will focus on:
– putting up, taking down of bows
– facing up a target
– more on how to shoot, basic coaching, form etc
– shooting line etiquette etc

It is there to get the new archers comfortable with their equipment, how to put it together and take it down and of course how to shoot and enjoy the sport and Clophill Archery Club.

If there are members that joined recently, say following last years beginners courses, or have done beginners courses elsewhere and feel that they need a refresher then please come along.

We need some senior archers there to help out, bring your own bow as no doubt you will have an opportunity to shoot as well as help the new archers.

Please reply here if you can help out on one or more of the Wednesday’s.

Fun shoot
To welcome the new archers to the club we will be running a Fun Shoot, with BBQ, from lunchtime on 1 June – so a date for your diary.

Next beginners course
Please share the post on Facebook and/or share the poster that was emailed round either on Social Media or even print one off and put it up at work/school/club etc.

Another reminder … 1st summer postal on Saturday from 1pm. Come along and shoot the postal round or something shorter, shorter short metric or 252 scheme etc.

Keep in touch
Remember to keep an eye on the club’s facebook page and the website calendar for dates and what’s on.
Also, if there is anyone not already in the WhatsApp Group and would like to join it, please email me with your mobile number and I’ll add you. The WhatsApp group is an informal forum for letting members know when someone is at the field, some social activities ie the odd visit to the pub after a club session and anything that takes your fancy!

Thanks all


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