Club shoot on Saturday 13 April

Hi all
We are shooting at the field on Saturday afternoon, 1.00pm to set-up for a 1:30pm start.

Long metrics.

6 dozen arrows (72 arrows) shot in ends of 6 at 122cm face (the big one).
You will shoot 3 dozen arrows at your longest distance and 3 dozen at the shorter distance


90 70 60 50 40 30 20
mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr mtr
Long Metric 3 3
Long Metric I 3 3
Long Metric II 3 3
Long Metric III 3 3
Long Metric IV 3 3
Long Metric V 3 3

As always Grand Prix points are available and scores count towards outdoor classifications.

For details of outdoor classifications please see: or ask a senior member of the club.

As you can see the shoot goes down to 30m so it is a round that is available to all. However, if you don’t fancy the 6 dozen round you can shoot towards your 252 badges.

The clubhouse will be open and club bows available, so if you fancy coming up just to ping a few that’s fine, just fit in with the timing on the shooting line.

I can’t make it on Saturday but for those that do shoot, shoot straight.


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