Club shoot – at the field on Saturday (30 March)

Hi allWe are shooting at the field on Saturday afternoon, from 1.30pm to set-up.

In preparation for the Fita 4 the following weekend we are shooting a WA70/50. For the uninitiated among you that is:

Recurve/barebow/longbow – 6 dozen arrows at 70m at a 122cm face
Compound – 6 dozen arrows at 50m at an 80cm face

Both rounds are shot in 6 arrow ends.

As always Grand Prix points are available and scores count towards outdoor classifications, although only up to 1st class is available for gents.
For details of outdoor classifications please see:
or ask a senior member of the club.

I understand that 70m and 50m is a long way and some of our archers are not shooting that far yet. For those that want to shoot something shorter the club is running a 252 scheme. That is a 3 dozen arrow round shot over anything from 20 yards to 100 yards. The idea is to score 252 or more at each successive distance (280 for compounds and less for barebow/longbow). Once you successfully complete the round at one distance you move up to the next. There will be badges available for each distance, we just haven’t sourced them yet. More details will be circulated shortly but there’s nothing stopping you from starting asap – score sheets (and instructions) are in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse will be open and club bows available, so if you fancy coming up just to ping a few that’s fine, just fit in with the timing on the shooting line.

The weather looks good on Saturday – lets make the most of it.

Shoot straight


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