Help needed at our Fita4 tournament – 6/7 April

HI all,

As you will have seen from the outdoor season calendar, Clophill Archery Club is running its ‘Spring FITA4’ competition on the weekend of 6th/7th April. The competitions we run are the main source of income for the Club so any help you are able to give is extremely valuable.

We would like some volunteers to help with the event as follows, please:

  • Thursday 4th April in the evening, to generally tidy up, touch up the field markings, etc. Doesn’t usually take long.
  • On Friday 5th April afternoon (from 1230 or so), to put up marquees, re-mark the field if it rained heavily overnight, put out bosses, tables, tea urn, bins and so on, and generally make ready for Saturday. Usually takes about four hours, depending upon how much help we have.
  • On the days of the competition, from 0630 — or whenever you can be there, for as long or short as you like — initially to put out the timing equipment and flags, and put faces on the bosses and to help with any last-minute field changes. If you are able to stay all day, four of the less able archers would like someone with them to help to collect arrows and mark scores. (Please let me know if this is something you’d be prepared to do.) Otherwise from about 0830 onwards there’s little to do except help look for any lost arrows, top up the tea urn, change faces and keep the judges fed and watered. If you’re not supporting an archer, there’s no need to stay all day (unless you want to).
  • Sunday morning is as Saturday. Then on the Sunday afternoon/evening, from about 4pm, we’ll need help to pack everything away: It usually takes about three hours. This is the important day/time so if you have only a few hours to spare and are wondering when over the weekend to come along, please make it Sunday afternoon.
  • We’re not offering hot food at all this year but if you were able to make/donate cakes or such for us to sell they would be much appreciated by the club (and the archers!).

As ever, any time you can spare, however short, will help immensely.

Thank you,


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