Outdoor Season Schedule

Dear allWe’re are now in March and at the end of this month we are moving outdoors.
The Field Party is on 23 March and the first outdoor club session is on the following Tuesday (26 March).

As a reminder, our outdoor club sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will be entering the normal postal leagues.
The postal shoots are on the 1st Saturday of the month starting in May; we shoot a short metric round (50m and 30m).
In addition to the postal shoots we will be shooting another scoring round each month on a Saturday afternoon.

All the outdoor shoots will qualify for Grand Prix points and you can accumulate scores for your outdoor classification – so points, prizes and badges to be had!!

The outdoor shooting schedule is attached, I will also get round to adding the shoots to the club calendar.

Please keep an eye on the Club Website (including the calendar and the announcements page) for the dates of shoots. I will also try to get the normal emails round before each outdoor shoot explaining the round we will be shooting.

The club field is open to club members 24/7, if you are shooting on an ad hoc basis and want some company a post on the Facebook page might generate some interest.

As always, if you have questions please ask a committee member or one of our experienced archers.





Shoot Straight


Clophill Outdoor Calender 2019.xlsx

Clophill Outdoor Calender 2019 (3).pdf

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