Club Shoot on Saturday 8 September

Dear all

This Saturday is the last outdoor club shoot of the season.
We’re shooting National Rounds.
For those that are shooting at Kestrels on Sunday its an opportunity to check those sight marks.
For those not shooting Sunday its the last opportunity (at Clophill) to get those scores for the outdoor classifications.

National Rounds:
Imperial round, so shot in yards and 5 zone scoring ie
Gold = 9
Red = 7
Blue = 5
Black = 3
White = 1

6 Dozen arrows shot in ends of 6.
4 Dozen at the longest distance and 2 dozen at your shorter distance.

Rounds are:
New National 100 yards and 80 yards
Long National 80 yards and 60 Yards
National 60 yards and 50 yards
Short national 50 yards 40 yards
Junior national 40 yards and 30 yards
Short Junior national 30 yards and 20 yards

As always its a 1pm to set up and start shooting at 1:30pm

If you don’t fancy shooting the round, the field and club house are open so come along and ping a few.

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