Clophill success as the BCAA/SCAS Fita Star at the weekend

This weekend saw the Beds/SCAS Fita Star.

Double and single WA1440 rounds were shot at Redbourne School in Ampthill. Clophill had a contingent of archers shooting and came away with a haul of medals.

Congratulations to:

Double rounds:
Senior Ladies Recurve Sarah Russell Silver
Senior Gents Recurve John Hardman Bronze
Senior Ladies Compound Lesley Brown Gold
Senior Ladies Compound Suzi Bredin Silver
Junior ladies recurve Eleanor Ware Gold
Single rounds
Senior Gents Compound Terry Course Gold
Masters Gents Compound Terry Course Gold
Masters Gents Recurve Michael Anderson Gold
Senior recurve Sarah/John Gold
Senior compound Suzi/Lesley Gold
Combined team Suzi/Lesley/Sarah/John Gold

A few honorary mentions

Roy for being chief supporter and father of the Birthday girl (Sarah).

Steve, shot on the Saturday, supporter and field party on the Sunday – brought fizzy to celebrate the birthday!

Martha, for having the right raffle ticket to walk away with a gnome.

Paul, shot a PB, would have got a medal if he could see straight – managed to put a 9 on the wrong target face at 90m.

Steve suggested adding a photo – not sure if we’re ready for that, or whether by technical skills can facilitate adding it!

Well done to all – lets have a similar performance at the Kestrel’s Nationals in September.

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