Club shoot on Saturday

Hi allFor those of you that can’t bear the excruciating experience of watching England in the World Cup (it was tense last night but I can’t say there was much enjoyment until Eric Dier slotted the last pen) there is a shoot on Saturday afternoon.

We’ll be shooting Long Metric rounds, so 6 dozen arrows, 3 dozen at the longest distance and 3 dozen at the shortest distance:

Long Metric 90m & 70m

Long Metric 1 70m & 60m

Long Metric 2 60m & 50m

Long Metric 3 50m & 40m

Long Metric 4 40m & 30m

Long Metric 5 30m & 20m

All shot at the big (122cm face).

This is an opportunity to add to your classification scores (Bowman, 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class).

It’s a 1pm for 1:30pm start so you’ll even be home in plenty of time for the next penalty shoot out (in relaity – probably home for the second half).

Hope to see you there, England shirts recommended but not obligatory.


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