Intermediate session 8 July form 1:30pm

Hi all

The email is aimed at those archers that have gone through the beginners and development sessions or that have not picked up their bow for some time and need a little assistance/confidence to restart.

It is not a coaching session, its an opportunity to come along and talk to me and a few of the other more experienced archers about:

  • issues you’re having on the shooting line eg:
  • why do all my arrows go left?
  • should I move up distance?

I have bought new kit and have questions regarding set-up eg:

  • what is this button thing?
  • what about centre shot?
  • where should my sight be in relation to by riser
  • do I care about brace height?
  • and a multitude of other things

Fletching arrows – Terry has threatened to do a "how to" session No question too silly, as we’ve all asked them in the past!

We don’t promise to be able to clear up all your issues or answer all your questions but we’ll do our best.

Planning to run the session on Sunday 8 July from about 1:30pm for as long as it takes (a couple of hours or so).

Let me know if this is of any interest.


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