Notices – this weekend and beyond

Dear allA few things:

1. Saturday shoot this week
There are a number of us shooting an external shoot in Cambridge over the weekend. I have tried to find someone that could co-ordinate the shoot/make sure the field is open etc but without luck.

As things stand this weekends Saturday shoot is postponed.

If someone has keys, and is happy to co-ordinate the shoot please let me know. I can provide soft copy score sheets .

If someone with keys is going to shoot on Saturday, but not happy to co-ordinate the shoot, please let me know and I’ll get a note round saying that the club house will be open.

2. Beginners course
We have our second beginners course next Friday and Saturday (22/23 June).
We currently have 8 – 10 booked on the course with (hopefully) a few more in the pipeline.
Please come and support the course, assist our coaches on the shooting line etc and make it an enjoyable event for the new archers!
It will be from approx 5:30pm to 6:00pm on Friday and from approx 1:00pm on Saturday.

3. Postal shoot on 30 June from 1pm
We normally run the postals on the 1st Saturday of the month – this is an exception as we were going to run an Open shoot on 7/8 July.
The Open shoot has been cancelled but we will still run the Postal on 30th June.

4. County Head 2 Head (training, practice, familiarisation) 30 June from 9:30am
You will have seen the previous notice regarding this (its on the Announcements Page on the website for details.

5. Re-arranged Saturday shoot for 7 July
The postponed Saturday shoot (from 16 June) will be held on 7 July.
We were due to shoot a WA900 but I know there might not be much call for this.
Please let me know if you’d rather shoot something else?

6. Club shirts
We are expecting them to be delivered this week (hopefully today) and should be available to pick up next week (club nights) – confirmation and details to follow.

I think that is all for now.

As always, shoot straight.


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