2nd Development Session 9 May

Dear all. We hope you all enjoyed yourself at the first session last week. From our point of view it went very well with everybody apparently enjoying themselves, to the point where we were losing the light by the time we called an end to the procedings.
We hope you will all be back with us tomorrow, with probably an extra couple joining in the fun.
A reminder of what it is all about:
For the new archers that have joined following the beginners course, it is a further introduction to the sport with sessions on:

  • putting together and taking down your bow
  • practical matters that will set you up for continuing with the sport
  • work on technique
  • how to maintain your equipment. The last session will have a tutorial on how to fletch arrows.

We have found the sessions have been well received in the past and a great continuation following your successful beginners course.
If some of you that were new last year and feel like you need a refresher, come along and get comfortable with shooting again. In particular the last session where you can learn how to re-fletch arrows.
For the seasoned archers among you – please come along to say hello and help your new colleagues.
The session starts at 6pm tomorrow (9 May) and continue on the 16th May. Culminating in a fun shoot with BBQ on Saturday 19 May.

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