Club Shoot on Saturday & club house open

Dear all

The outdoor season is now nearly a month old and I hope that you are all getting outside and enjoying the English spring and all that brings!

This Saturday is the first of our club shoots. It’s the chance to lay down a marker for the season and get that first (or second or ….) score under your belts.

We aim to get to the field for 1pm with a view to starting the shoot at 1:30pm

This Saturday we are shooting St George/Albion/Windsor rounds:

The rounds are 9 dozen arrows, shooting 3 dozen at each of three distances:

Yards 100 80 60 50 40 30 20
St.George 3 3 3
Albion 3 3 3
Windsor 3 3 3
Short Windsor 3 3 3
Junior Windsor 3 3 3

Scoring is 5 zone, that means:

Gold = 9

Red = 7

Blue = 5

Black = 3

White =1

If you haven’t shot a scoring round before, these shoots are a great introduction. It is for club members only and are relaxed with plenty of assistance should you need it.


The round shot can count towards your outdoor classification of:

– Bowman

– 1st Class

– 2nd Class

– 3rd Class

To get a classification, and a shiny badge, you’ll need three qualifying scores over the outdoor season.

The Club house will be open

If you don’t fancy the round but want to shoot, that’s fine.

If you shoot a club bow, they will be available.

All we ask is that you fit in with the scoring round that is being shot.

Hope to see you on Saturday

Remember to keep an eye o the Calendar, the announcements page and social media.

Twitter @ClophillAC

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