Outdoor competition and club shoots

Dear all

It’s the outdoor season!

We would like to encourage as many of you as possible to shoot competitively; whether at the club or externally.

Competitions are a way to improve your archery, meet new archers from around the county, the country and beyond. You can get to shoot alongside top ranked archers and those that have represented Great Britain on the international stage. This has to be unique to our sport!

Clophill Club Shoots

You will have seen the outdoor diary that was circulated last week (attached again). The green column sets-out the dates and the rounds the club are shooting. These shoots are on a Saturday afternoon, setting up from 1pm and shooting from 1:30pm and for club members only.

These shoots are scoring rounds, there are rounds for all distances and abilities from 100 yards to 20 yards. For those of you that shot the scoring rounds indoors it is a similar format, except you are shooting ends of 6 arrows and up to 6 dozen arrows in total. If I remember I will send around an email during the week of the shoot to let you know a little more about the round.

If you are shooting a club bow – the club house will be open on these days and you can grab a bow and shoot the round (or shoot for practice if you prefer).

The first of these shoots is on 28 April.

External competition

The vast majority of shoots are "open" shoots – it means anyone can enter.

Our club runs three outdoor competitions:

· 7/8 April Fita 4 (Four 70m rounds run over the weekend) – this shoot is full.

· 7/8 July WA900 (WA900 is 30 arrows at each of 60m, 50m and 40m – one WA900 on Saturday and one on Sunday). Entry forms to be released this week

· 22/23 September Fita 4 (same format as the April competition)

If you want to shoot externally the completions can be found at:

http://www.archerygb.org/shoot-compete/compete/find-a-tournament/ or


If you would like to give a competition a try ask one of the committee or one of the experienced archers and they should be able to help out – some of us will be shooting around the county and beyond during the summer. Its always nice to go to your first competition when there is at least one friendly face there! The ideal introduction would be our WA900, its at our field!

Kestrels Nationals – we’ll pay your entry fees!

Kestrels Archery club in Biggleswade (https://www.kestrelsarchery.org/tournaments.html) runs a competition on 9 September; there are rounds to suit all:

100 yds 80 yds 60 yds 50 yds 40 yds 30 yds 20 yds
Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen Dozen
New National 4 2
Long National 4 2
National 4 2
Short National 4 2
Junior National 4 2
Short Junior National 4 2

We would like to make this a Clophill Archery Club Outing. We would like to get as many Clophill archers entered as we can. Maybe even run a competition amongst ourselves.

To this end the club will pay your entry fees.

Lesley will be collating our entry; no doubt she’ll be catching up with members at club night etc. When I remember (or someone else can start one) I’ll pop a list on the notice board.

If you are a new archer, maybe set this as your goal for the outdoor season. Shoot our club shoots then be ready to shoot your first competitive round in September!


All the shoots, whether club shoots or external shoots count towards your outdoor classification.

You can be:

– 3rd class archer

– 2nd class archer

– 1st class archer

– Bowman

– Master Bowman

– Grand Master Bowman

More about this as the season progresses.

Club Calendar
Remember to link this to your own calendar – the shoots are all on there.

Social Media
Daniel has set up the Twitter and Facebook pages.
Keep an eye for news etc.

The links to our new facebook is;

Our Twitter name is;


Outdoor shooting calendar 2018.xlsx

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