Postal/Club Champs results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Club Championship!

Your results are below.

Senior Lady Comp
Lesley Brown 573
Suzi B 566

Sen Gent Comp
Jonathan Goodman 577
TC 572
Roy Russell 549
Steve Lampard 538
Chris Head 528

Sen Lady Rec
Sarah Russell 553
Sally Mills 523
Dawn Fowler DNS

Sen Gent Rec
Matthew Howard 553
Ian Cairncross 537
Richard Roberts 534
Steve Ware 525
John Hardman 523
Mark Anstee 480
Dave Judge DNS

Sen gent B/B
Michael Anderson 369

Novice Lady Rec
Cathy Barrance 478

Novice Gent Rec
Tom Barrance 439
Radovan Ptasinsky DNS

Junior Lady Rec +12
Eleanor Ware DNS

Junior Lady Comp -12
Martha Ware 325

Junior Gent Comp -12
Henry Barrance 503

Junior Gent Rec +12
Isaac Clare 442

Junior Gent Rec -12
Hayden Higgins 180

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